Stop Trying to Convert the Unconvertable, Start Identifying the Converted

It’s a common misconception that marketing is about convincing people to buy your product. Not only is that an extremely inefficient approach, it’s often futile. If your product is worthwhile, there should already be loads of potential buyers out there who already want a solution like yours and who will be easy to sign up – you just need to find them and start a conversation.


This approach was highlighted by famed entrepreneur Gary Vaynerchuk. In a 2015 article, “If You’re Trying to ‘Convert’ Your Customer, You’re Doing Something Wrong,” he writes “Don’t try to convert the unconvertable…Use all the time you have on the people who get it.” Amen. 


“Every minute that you spend trying to convince somebody who is already no is a minute that you’re not spending trying to find somebody that will say yes.” 

– Gary Vaynerchuk


But how do you find those “people who get it”? 

The answer is in your data

You’re already producing and distributing compelling content – whitepapers, LinkedIn posts, web ads, detailed webpages, Twitter posts, etc, etc. Some interested prospects will follow the path you’ve laid out for them and eventually fill out a “contact us” form, but 90% of potential buyers who “get it” will not. The good news is that they are indirectly showing intent signals the whole time.  


That’s where the data comes in. 


Marketers need to capture the intent signals created by interested buyers, confirm that they match your “ideal customer profile,” and then put more focus on moving them through your education and sales process. A marketer’s role is to stimulate interest, but it’s also to continuously present opportunities to create a feedback loop for intent signals. Marketers can use those signals to identify specific interests and respond with more personalized experiences –  whether that’s sending them more tailored marketing information or flagging accounts to the sales team for more targeted outreach. 


It might seem like a data-heavy, complex process to capture signals across all channels, but tools like Octane11 make it simple. By aggregating and ingesting all of these intent signals, mapping data to accounts and campaigns, appending firmographics, integrating B2B-specific sales CRM data (like assigned account team, region, sales status, etc), Octane11 makes this disparate signals actionable for marketing and sales team insights and action. At scale, this empowers the team to be more efficient, to prioritize the strongest opportunities, and drive revenue with more confidence. Win-win-win!

Are you ready to shift your focus from converting-the-unconvertable to identifying and closing those that are most likely to convert? Let us know. We’d love to show you how.  Visit for a live demo tailored to your needs.