Meet the Platform

Rich Visualizations at Your Fingertips

Leverage Octane11’s built-in, B2B-focused dashboards to analyze all paid, owned, and earned tactics from one screen, export data to your own BI platform like Tableau, Datorama, or Looker, or push directly to tools like Salesforce, Outreach, or Salesloft.

Data Integrations: Simple, Self-Service Setup Across All of Your SaaS Tools
Multi-Channel Marketing Overview: Unified view of ALL campaigns and tactics, total spend, and total engagement.
Campaign Details: Deep Dive into Marketing Spend, Engagement and Revenue Impact Across All Channels and Accounts
Account F.I.R.E. Score: Surface High Intent Accounts Leveraging ALL Digital Signals
Website Audience Analysis: Detailed Firmographic Analysis of Accounts and Users Visiting Your Site
Website Health: Analyze Website Performance, Traffic Sources and Account-Level Activity on Site
Account Intelligence: Track the Full Customer Journey Across ALL Sales & Marketing Touchpoints
Data Export: API-based Export to Top BI and Sales Enablement Platforms
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How It Works

Octane11 provides a layer of B2B-specific transformations, enrichment, and insights that work with your existing data warehouse, ELT/ETL, and BI tools, and delivers your enhanced data to built-in analytics or the endpoints of your choice.