Q2’24 Product Release Updates!

1) ⚡🎨 Introducing Octane11 ABM Creative Tags: We’ve been hard at work creating our own solution for enriching ads with more account-based insights. Tags can be generated self-service in our new Creative Tag Generator and are compatible in The Trade Desk, DV360, Teads, Yahoo! Ads, Xandr, MediaMath, and more. Place these tags in your creatives to start tracking impressions and clicks at the account level.

Pro tip: Make sure to use UTMs in your click-through URLs to combine all your account enrichment strategies. Octane11 ingests and normalizes account enrichment data from UTMs, the new creative tag, API direct, and other 3rd party creative tags like Bombora AV. All data sources, with uncompromised data quality.

Clients running tags over the last few months are already seeing the impressive results.

  • DV360: 431% increase in Accounts Reached, 841% increase in Accounts Engaged
  • The Trade Desk: 108% increase in Accounts Reached, 266% increased in Accounts Engaged
  • Teads: 115% Increase in Accounts Reached, and Account-Based Engagements available for the first time!

Reach out to your account rep if you need help setting things up or have any questions!


Creative Tag Generator

2) ✨ Octane11 ABM Website Tag: In March we announced the launch of the Octane11 website analytics tag, a robust solution powerful enough to bring you the best account signal on the market, and flexible enough to support the data vendors you prefer to work with. If you haven’t implemented the new tag yet, you can find it on the Integrations page. Be sure to replace any legacy O11 tags with this upgraded version in your website’s tag manager to maximize account signal. Reach out to your account rep if you have any questions or need support along the way.

ABM Website Tag

3) 🚦 Account Stages Upgrade: Our Account Stages dashboard has a new look, with more advanced filters and drill down capabilities. See where every account currently sits in the buyer’s journey and get actionable next steps for sales & marketing. Click the three dots to download accounts for activation in platforms like LinkedIn Ads or Bombora.

Account Stages Analytics

4) 💡🌟 Incremental Channel Reach & Engagement: We’re excited about a new group of Account Scenario filters that surface accounts only reached or engaged by a single channel. This new scenario can help you answer questions like “What would happen if I turned off this channel?” or “Which accounts should we target across other channels?” Filter for “Incremental” in the Account Scenario filter to get these lists in one click.

Incremental Reach and Engagement

5) 🤝 Agency Branding: The Octane11 app, along with all analytics, tools, and insights, is now available with custom branding! Based on popular demand, we are now offering agency branding with your logo and url. Talk to your account representative if you’re interested in setting up agency branding.

Agency Branding

4) 🦾 Reauthentication Status for LinkedIn: We all know data integrations require periodic reauthentication, that’s why we’re making this easier to identify on our Integrations page. Starting today, LinkedIn ads and organic will prompt you to reauthenticate when needed. We’re working to extend this alert to other integrations soon!

LinkedIn Reauthentication


Exciting times ahead as we continue to empower you with cutting-edge tools and features to supercharge your marketing strategies. Stay tuned for more updates!