Q2 Product Updates: AI Insights, Agency Tools, Content Syndication & More!

Special Delivery! Q2 2023 is in the books and we’re thrilled to announce the delivery of another great bundle of new platform features. As always, these features are 100% focused on making it easier for B2B Marketing leaders to thrive in the current environment – ie. to deliver more impact with less cost…and to prepare for a return to growth mode in the quarters ahead. 


This quarter we focused on Applied AI, Support for our Agency Partners, Usability, Personalization, New Integrations, and more. Special thanks to our clients and partners for the great suggestions. So. Much. More. To. Come!! 🙂


Here’s a quick look at some product release highlights for the quarter. 


AI Insights: We’re excited to introduce a suite of automated, AI-based insights to help you understand what tactics are working, which are not working, and which operational set ups need attention. Leverage Octane11’s AI Insights to compare results to industry benchmarks, spot deviations from historical trends, and quickly flag any data anomalies. As Dan wrote back in 2018 in Harvard Business Review, the key to applying AI in Marketing is to get your data house in order…and that’s exactly what Octane11 does, so you can now leverage AI insights across your normalized data set. So much more on our AI Insights to come!! 


Agency Reporting: Octane11 has proven to be an outstanding tool for B2B-focused agencies. With the latest release, our agency partners can now easily track spend, performance, and KPI’s across all of their enterprise clients in one unified screen. Agencies can easily screenshot reports in the Octane11 UI for easy sharing OR export data to the BI platform of their choice, like Tableau, Looker, Datarama, Sisense and more. Look out for more agency-focused features coming soon!




Personalization & Sharing: We’ve added great new features for saving filters and personalized views, making it easy to keep coming back to specific accounts, campaigns, target lists, and more. You can also share pre-filtered views with colleagues by sending a link, making it much easier to collaborate across teams.



Interactive Account Analytics: Our new “Account Detail” dashboard streamlines account-based reporting and adds some great features. Search and select any account or list of accounts to see their entire marketing and sales journey. Vet accounts based on their F.I.R.E. Score, Form Fills, or Engagements. Check on an account’s industry or revenue size alongside other metadata from your CRM and more. 



Automated Integrations: We’ve made some outstanding updates to our data integrations module to make it easier than ever to connect and manage your marketing and sales data sources like LinkedIn, The Trade Desk, Marketo, HubSpot, Google Ads, Google Search, DV360, YouTube, Pardot, Demandbase, Bombora, and more.



Content Syndication via Integrate: Octane11 now supports Content Syndication via Integrate, one of the largest providers in this category. Content Syndication is a great B2B marketing tactic and we’re excited to help B2B marketers see how it fits into their overall tool kit. If you’re an Integrate client or you’re interested in learning more about Content Syndication, give us a call!





Salesforce Data Health Check: Data completeness and consistency is imperative for accurate reporting, especially when it comes to revenue reporting. That’s why we’re excited to release the Salesforce Data Health Check dashboard which flags accounts with missing data and opportunities that aren’t connected to accounts in Salesforce. We’ve seen clients report on as much as 40% more revenue influence just by tightening up the completeness of their data.   




Enterprise Single Sign-On: Data security and control is critical for our enterprise clients and many have requested support for Single Sign-On (SSO). This quarter we launched SSO with support for Microsoft Azure and we will be adding more SSO platforms in the months and quarters to come.


If you’re interested in learning more about these features and what else is in the queue, visit us at www.octane11.com to learn more…or sign up for one of our live events for an even deeper dive at www.linkedin.com/company/octane11/events/.