New CMO? Here’s what you need to do ASAP!!

Congratulations!! You’ve landed an exciting new role as Chief Marketing Officer of a B2B organization. You’re in a high impact role: building the brand, sharing the vision, explaining the value proposition, generating new business, engaging existing clients, and much more. There’s a ton to do, but you don’t have much time. CMOs have the shortest tenure in the C-Suite at just 40 months (less than half the average tenure of CEOs), so you have to move quickly to make an impact and prove your value. 


To be successful, the most critical move to make ASAP is to make sure you have a firm handle on all current marketing activity across all channels, including owned (website traffic, chatbots, webinars), earned (social media, review sites, PR, etc), and paid (web ads, social ads, paid search, content syndication, etc). By conducting a marketing audit ASAP with a strong measurement foundation and data best practices, you can:

      (a) Get a clear picture of everything the team has been running and where budget is being spent

      (b) See what tactics, tools, and vendors are working or not working

      (c) See what content is most engaging to your prospects and clients

      (d) See what customer segments are most engaged / least engaged

      (e) Make sure that all leads, high intent accounts, and insights created by the marketing team are being shared with the Sales team and other teams like Product and Finance

      (f) Create a baseline of performance so you can clearly show how the initiatives you implement are impacting all of your key metrics (reach, engagement, leads, renewals, revenue, etc.). 


The sooner you can put this measurement in place, the sooner you can assess the state of your position, start to implement changes, and start reporting to the CEO, your peers, and the Board of Directors on your plans and progress. No time to waste!!


In order to accomplish this, however, most new CMOs will task one or more team members or consultants with days or weeks of work pulling data from disparate systems, digging up historical campaign reports, compiling content assets, and building custom dashboards. Nine times out of ten, this approach can take weeks or months and will still leave you with metrics that are unreliable or hard to compare to industry benchmarks. 


You too can go down that dangerous path…


…or you simply plug in Octane11 to give you instant visibility.


Octane11 immediately aggregates, organizes, and synthesizes the data from ALL of your fragmented tools across every channel to give you a crystal clear picture of current and even historical campaign information immediately with zero need for data analysts or data engineers. 


With a complete picture of your paid, owned, and earned marketing data, alongside your sales data, mapped to accounts and campaigns, you will have immediate answers to questions such as: 


  • Are we efficiently reaching and engaging our Target Accounts? 

  • Which channels are driving the most engagement and new leads? 

  • Which content and selling points are driving the most engagement among Target Accounts? 

  • How does our performance compare to industry peers? 

  • What tactics are we not using that we should test and learn?

  • …and that’s just the beginning

With all of this data at your fingertips, you will be able to make data-driven decisions, spend your time and resources most effectively, and create clear benchmarks that you can go out and crush.


Here are some of the data-rich visualizations you can access immediately with Octane11: 


Multi-channel Overview: a unified view of all campaigns and tactics, total spend, and engagement

Campaign Detail: detailed marketing spend, engagement, and revenue across channels & accounts 

F.I.R.E. Score: high-intent accounts based on all digital signals


Website health check: website performance, traffic sources, and account-level activity

Are you about to step into or have you recently stepped into a new CMO or marketing leadership role? We’d love to show you how easy it is to use Octane11 to get a firm grasp of your entire marketing stack, so you can drive impact as quickly as possible. Book a demo today at