New Account-Based Marketing Platform on the Rise

Business Insider

Octane11’s new Year-End B2B Digital Marketing Audit provides business-to-business companies of all sizes with a holistic view of their digital marketing footprint across all channels, including email, website, social posts, social ads, web ads, connected TV ads, chatbots, paid search, organic search, webinars, digital billboards, and more. Octane11 connects all of these digital signals at the account and campaign level, so marketers can get simple answers to questions like: Which channels are most efficient for reaching my target accounts? Which topics are generating the most engagement with each channel and customer segment? What are the most common digital journeys for my most successful client conversions? 

“Growth in B2B digital marketing is accelerating, yet the myriad challenges are still daunting, particularly in connecting the performance dots across channels,” said Julie Bernard, Advisory Board Member, Octane11 and Global CMO/Board Director (AdTech/Retail/Services). “Octane11 provides a unique solution for this industry that will empower advertisers and agencies to maximize their impact across digital touchpoints.’

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