Introducing: 11 Minutes with Octane11: a B2B Marketing Mini-Podcast

🎙 Introducing:  “11 Minutes with Octane11: a B2B Marketing Mini-Podcast”

B2B marketers have one of the toughest jobs in the enterprise and it’s hard to carve out time to listen to long podcasts. That’s why the team here at Octane11 is introducing “11 Minutes with Octane11: a B2B Marketing Mini-Podcast” – to share real insights and actionable tips from experienced B2B marketing experts…fast!

👉 In just 11 minutes (even less if you listen on 1.5x speed 😉 you’ll get fresh ideas for saving time, delivering more impact and testing new tools, tactics, and partners.

🙌 We’re excited to kick-off our podcast series with Julie Bernard, an outstanding B2B marketing leader experience from a range of companies including Lily AIMacy’sAuthority BrandsVerve GroupIABAd Council and more. In this inaugural episode, Dan Rosenberg and Stephany Shelton talk with Julie about top challenges in B2B marketing, some of her favorite partners (CrayonNavattic, and Gong), and ideas for avoiding some common B2B marketing pitfalls.

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