Six Badges Awarded in G2’s Spring 2024 Report!

Exciting news from the Octane11 team! Our B2B marketing analytics platform has been awarded Six badges in G2’s Spring 2024 Account-Based Analytics and Marketing Analytics reports. This achievement underscores our commitment to excellence and making our B2B marketing clients heroes!! 

We’re proud to have earned badges in three key categories:

  • Easiest To Do Business With 

  • High Performer

  • Users Love Us

We sincerely thank our customers for their supportive reviews, praising our strategic insights, user-friendly interface, and outstanding support team, which continues to shape our platform’s evolution.

“The simplicity of setting up and maintaining Octane11 was a snap, especially for our small team…Its user-friendly and intuitive interface ensures that our time is spent on deriving actionable insights rather than wrangling with data sets and creating data analysis. We review our daily results and get a near-time pulse on our marketing efforts, enabling us to swiftly adapt and strategize”

“I wanted a single source of truth to understand Marketing Influenced Sales from all of my marketing activities. Octane11 brings together all of my marketing funnel data into one place and allows me to quantify the influence of marketing efforts on client sales. We now have a clearer understanding of our marketing ROI, ensuring that our strategies are aligned with business objectives and that marketing’s impact on sales is accurately recognized and optimized.”

“Octane11 platform and dashboard support more advanced multi-touch attribution models.”

Thank you all for being an integral part of our continued success. Stay tuned for more product updates and if you’re not a customer yet and you’d like to see if Octane11 is a fit for your business, book a demo here to see first hand how we’re revolutionizing B2B marketing tactics and strategy.