Celebrating Octane11/11 Day!


Today is 11/11. It’s Veteran’s Day in the US. It’s Singles Day in China. It’s also the day that the team here at Octane11 celebrates our annual company milestones. Two years ago we announced the formation of Octane11 and a year later, after a year of coding-in-quarantine, we announced the availability of the Octane11 B2B Data Engineering Platform.  This year, as we celebrate 11/11, we’re happy to share more major milestones on our path to solving the data analytics challenges of B2B businesses once and for all: 

  1. Octane11 is now supporting more than 20 B2B enterprises across FinTech, Industrials, Healthcare, Software and more.

  2. Our platform has been used to analyze over $15M of marketing spend across platforms like LinkedIn, Google DV360, Google Ads, MediaMath, The TradeDesk, Verizon Media / Yahoo!, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Demandbase and Microsoft Bing. 

  3. Our clients have now tracked marketing engagements with almost 1,000,000 customers and prospects, influencing over $100M of revenue pipeline. 

  4. We’ve doubled the size of our team of B2B experts, software developers, data engineers and data scientists across 7 cities, 5 time zones and 3 continents! 

  5. We’re also announcing $2.5M in initial financing from MathCapital and an amazing group of angel investors who are c-level executives at or have sold businesses to Oracle, WPP, McKinsey, Intersection, PayPal, Uber, MediaMath, Deloitte, Amazon, Samsung, IPG, Publicis, Akamai, Dentsu, HubSpot, Pubmatic and Microsoft (including Zain Jaffer who posted this great POV on his investment here, ICYMI)

Most importantly, over the last year, we’ve released a wave of new features that are making Octane11 the ideal platform for integrating the full range of sales and marketing tools, to unlock real business insights….specifically for B2B companies. 

Octane11 is like your outsourced Data Engineering, Partnerships, Machine Learning and Analytics team…and we’re just getting started. In the coming quarters we’ll be releasing new strategic partnerships, applied machine learning tools, connections between sales and marketing data to the rest of the enterprise…and so much more. 

If you’re a B2B revenue leader, looking for a better way to wrangle your data, so you can spend more time being strategic…please reach out! If you’re a B2B sales and marketing expert, data engineer or data scientist, interested in solving big data challenges for the next wave of B2B clients, come join us on this mission. To learn more, chat with us at www.octane11.com. Happy 11/11!!!