Celebrating 11/11 with a Look Back at a Year of Innovation

This Saturday is 11/11, the day we celebrate our annual milestones here at Octane11. (It’s also Veterans Day, Singles Day, and the day before Diwali, so it’s a pretty special weekend). Here’s a look at some of our major milestones over the last year…and a little teaser on some of the exciting innovation coming soon.

1) All-New UI and Data Visualization. We’re big believers in marketing as the blend of art and science, so when it came to our UI and Data Viz, we wanted to maximize functionality, usability AND aesthetics. Unfortunately, there simply weren’t any embedded BI tools that could deliver the form and function that we were going for…so we built our own 🎨

2) With significant growth across B2B advertisers and agencies, our platform has now been used to analyze over $45M of marketing spend across platforms like The Trade Desk, LinkedIn, Google DV360, Google Ads, YouTube, Integrate, MediaMath, Yahoo!, Facebook, Instagram, X, Demandbase and Microsoft Bing…in addition to all of the marketing activity tracked on “owned” and “earned” channels like website traffic, emails, social posts, PR and more.

3) Over the summer we introduced a huge new value-add: Industry Benchmarks. For the first time, B2B marketers can compare their KPI’s to industry peers – without having to pick through Google Search results or random consultancy reports. For more on Octane11’s industry benchmarks offering see here.

4) Soon after that, we also released our first wave of AI-based insights that call out high-performing tactics, low-performing tactics, unexpected changes in outcomes, and critical operational to-do’s, so our users know where to focus their time. These insights are just the tip of the iceberg of the AI-based value we can deliver once data is integrated, enriched, and transformed via the Octane11 platform. More to come!

5) Over the summer we also went on a listening tour, holding Lunch & Learn sessions in 12 cities (New York, DC, Raleigh, Austin, Chicago, Minneapolis…) with B2B Marketing Leaders to talk about the challenges we all face – and concrete ways to overcome them. We learned a ton from those sessions and we’re excited that many of the participants are now either Octane11 users or in the process of getting set up on the platform. For a little taste of one of the events, see here…and look out for more events in your area coming soon.

6) In early Fall, we released our new “30-Day B2B Marketing Impact Audit.” Clients connect their paid, owned and earned tools to the platform in just 4 live sessions, and after running for 30 days, Octane11 auto-calculates their 20 top KPI’s (like CPL, ROAS, and Target Account Engagement %), compares results to industry peers, and delivers a 12-page report with a set of expert recommendations and detailed analyses of key campaign dimensions (like channel efficiency, lead gen performance, marketing influence and more). You can see more details here.
7) Finally, in Q3 we were excited to debut on G2 with a #1 Badge for “Easiest to Do Business With.” We love this one, becuase it really highlights our mission – to make it EASY for B2B marketers to get maximum value from their data so they can elevate the performance of everyone they support – Sales, Finance, Product, etc. Check out our post on G2 here.
Yes, it’s been a busy year and we’re excited about all the progress we’ve made…but we’re even more excited about what lies ahead. The roadmap is packed with amazing features like Detailed Account Journeys, LLM-driven AI Insights, Expanded B2B Data Sources, Advanced Media (DOOH, Podcasts, CTV…), More Creative Analytics…And. So. Much. More. 🤩
This is all coming at a critical time, because B2B marketers have never had it so hard – more channels, more budget constraints, more pressure to perform. But that’s why we’re here. That’s the challenge we’re solving and we’re excited to tackle these challenges with you.
If you’re a B2B marketing leader or you’re at an agency that supports B2B marketers, we’d love to partner with you in the year ahead to deliver on all of this and more.
To learn more, book some time with us at www.octane11.com. Happy 11/11!!!