What’s in a Name? Octane + 11

Great brands have great names. And when you’re entrenched in the marketing space, you’re always thinking about the stories behind company names and the trends in the market. You might ask, will the “-ify” trend stick around? Will tech companies reacquaint themselves with vowels soon? Will every company add “.ai” to their name?! How much thought or discussion has gone into your company’s name? 


At Octane11, we’re proud of what our company name represents and we want to share the origin story with you.


If you look up the term octane, you may come across its scientific chemical formula (C₈H₁₈) or a definition such as “a chemical substance in gasoline which is used as a measure of its quality.”  In layman’s terms, octane is the additive in gasoline that is required for modern engines to function properly. The higher the octane, the more power and performance the fuel can deliver.


In the world of martech, data is fuel. It has the potential to unlock efficiency and performance – and to accelerate your business to the next level. Data in its rawest form, however, is unwieldy and largely unusable for the majority of teams at B2B organizations. That’s why companies incur huge people costs to aggregate, store, clean, enrich, connect, analyze, and apply the data. In other words, there’s a missing ingredient if you want your data to function properly.


Octane11 is that missing ingredient – the octane! Instead of costly data engineers, data scientists and data analysts, Octane11 delivers all that data transformation, normalization, and enrichment, to ensure that your data, regardless of where it comes from or where it’s stored, is easily converted into insights that are usable, timely, and actionable for agile decision making. From understanding channel performance with more precision to knowing which opportunities are the ripest, Octane11 is the essential ingredient that creates a more powerful and efficient data-driven marketing and sales engine at B2B enterprises.


So why Octane11?


Octane11 was formed in 2019, around the 50th anniversary of the Apollo 11 mission. Apollo 11 was a remarkable accomplishment: the first mission to land humans on the moon after years of research and multiple failed attempts – with Neil Armstrong famously saying “One small step for man, one giant leap for mankind.”


While our missions are of course quite different, the team at Octane11 is inspired by the Apollo program while we are hard at work to finally solve the big data problem that has challenged the industry for so many years. We are committed to helping B2B brands drive real business results that drive them beyond their goals and expectations.


The number 11 holds significance for us as a company and has also been woven into our culture. On November 11th, dubbed Octane11/11 day, our team gets together to highlight milestones and review long-term goals. Octane11/11 day last year was especially exciting, as we launched the v2 of the Octane11 platform, our biggest release yet, which featured a number of high-octane (yes, we went there) updates such as new and improved visualizations, deeper data drill-downs, individual personalization, and more self-service set up tools.


We’re looking forward to sharing a lot more with you in the coming months and if you want to join us on this mission, we’d love to work with you. Check us out at www.octane11.com.