That’s a Wrap: More Actionable B2B Insights Delivered in Q1

That’s a wrap. Q1 2023 is in the books and we’re excited to share a wave of new platform features that are designed to help B2B Sales and Marketing leaders drive maximum revenue impact – while reducing hard costs. 


The key is to extract more value and insight from the tools and tactics you are already using


That might sound like a tall order, but Octane11 makes it easy. Simply plug Octane11 into your existing adtech and martech tools, sales CRM, data warehouse, or CDP, and Octane11 automatically synthesizes all of that data at the account and campaign level, so you can see which prospects are truly ready for outreach, which tactics are creating the most engagement, and how your performance compares to industry peers. With that data in hand, you can make critical decisions like which prospects to prioritize, which content to reuse or expand, which tactics and vendors to ramp up (or cut), and more. 


Here’s a quick look at a few of the release highlights we shared with our clients in Q1: 

  • F.I.R.E. Account Scoring: Having a hard time finding the best accounts to send to the Sales team for follow-up? Our new Account Scoring tool uses the “F.I.R.E.” methodology, which integrates Fit (Is the account in our Ideal Customer Profile?), Intent (Is the account surging on 3rd party signals?), Recency (Are we prioritizing accounts that engaged more recently?), and Engagement (Are engagements adjusted based on signals we care about most?). This feature also includes a collaboration with Bombora to integrate intent data. Learn more here

  • Industry & Historical Benchmarks: We all know how difficult it is to research the latest benchmarks for KPIs across paid, owned, and earned channels, in order to compare our performance to industry norms and support our forecasting. Marketing leaders often end up relying on inconsistent stats in random or outdated articles. That’s why we’re proud to announce the beta release of our dynamic, always-updated benchmarks for B2B marketers. You can now leverage our anonymized, crowd-sourced benchmarks to compare your campaigns against benchmarks from other B2B companies, as well as your own all-time averages.

  • Channel Influence Reporting: Connecting the dots between marketing touchpoints and opportunities in Salesforce can be one of the most challenging tasks for Marketing teams. We’ve launched a new dashboard to make this storytelling easy. See how each channel has impacted deals that are created or closed! 

  • Attributed Form Fill Timeline:  We’ve made it easy to see ALL attributed form fills across ALL referral sources in one simple timeline. This data is based on both direct API integrations and UTMs. This powerful report also includes detailed cost-per-lead data cut by source and by campaign – and includes the full list of individual form fill leads so you can see the underlying data immediately. This is great for identifying the latest leads and confirming which channels are driving conversion, so you can confirm your Customer Acquisition Cost (CAC) by channel and campaign…and make smart decisions on cost allocation. 

Interested in learning more about these features and how Octane11’s B2B analytics can turn your data into actionable insights? Head over to to book a demo tailored to your specific needs today.