Technologies We Love: Bombora

It’s Valentine’s Day – and today we’re kicking off a series of posts about the technologies and partners WE LOVE! Octane11’s mission is to address the urgent need among B2B Marketing and Sales leaders to harness the crazy amount of data their marketing tactics generate every day. By integrating, synthesizing and enriching all of this data across sources, Octane11 provides the most actionable insights possible – with the least amount of time and effort.

Fundamental to delivering this value is collaborating with a robust ecosystem of integrated technology partners – from advertising and email to ABM and website analytics platforms and service providers. We test and integrate with some of the most innovative companies – with even more partners joining all the time, and every single day, we learn from our customers about what tools and partners they want to add next.

Since keeping a pulse on the industry is a pillar of our platform, we’re kicking off a new blog series in which we’ll shine the spotlight on technologies that we love.

First up: Bombora

Who is Bombora and what value do they deliver?

Bombora is a top provider of Intent data for B2B sales and marketing organizations. By capturing all of the digital signals that a web user – your potential buyer – exhibits during research, Bombora helps marketing and sales teams prioritize their target accounts, refine outreach according to their readiness to buy, and tailor messaging based on surging topics of interest.

Considering as much as 90% of the buying journey takes place before even speaking with a salesperson, Bombora helps teams work smarter and more efficiently by ensuring they are focusing time and resources against prospects that are in-market and ready to engage.


What makes Bombora stand out?

Bombora launched onto the scene in 2014 and quickly became synonymous with B2B Intent. Today they are an industry standard and even own the trademark on the term “Company Surge®.”  Below are a few reasons we ❤️ Bombora!


  • Breadth & Depth: Bombora’s solution, Company Surge®, is powered by the largest source of privacy-compliant B2B Intent data. Exponentially larger than any individually owned set of properties, the Bombora Data Co-op captures the buying signals of nearly 4 million unique domains via 16.4 billion interactions a month, across more than 5,000 sites. Because 87% of the publisher traffic is exclusive to Bombora, they observe a high percentage of Intent behavior across the B2B web. And we don’t just take their word for it, according to Octane11’s analysis, they have up to 57% more reach than other alternatives.


  • Granular Taxonomy: Bombora’s taxonomy of topics and clusters makes it easy to identify, curate, and track interrelated topics relevant to a given organization’s products and services. The growing list of more than 12,500 topics to date are “predicted from deep-learning and natural language processing models that understand human concepts presented in text.”


  • Robust Analytics: Bombora’s intuitive interface allows you to analyze the data according to your specific needs. Want to home in on behaviors within a certain industry segment or compare activities between companies of a certain size? No problem. Curious to know the topics showing intent on a subset of your target accounts? Easy. Bombora provides flexible dashboards, makes it easy to enrich your own data, and also integrates with a variety of technologies so that it’s easily accessible for everyone from your SDRs to your marketing leadership.


We also love that Bombora allows you to test drive their data for free, allowing you to receive alerts for 12 topics and 10 prospect accounts of your choice. By adopting the product-led growth methodology, they are prioritizing customer value and minimizing barriers to entry, translating to greater scale, increased customer satisfaction, and more go-to-market agility.


Bombora and Octane11 have a common commitment to make sales and marketing teams more aligned, more efficient, and focused on the right opportunities. Bombora is an essential part of Octane11’s ecosystem – and if you are interested in learning how our solutions work together, book a demo here!