Q1’24 Product Release Updates!

1) 💡🌟 Key Moments: We’re thrilled to introduce a powerful enhancement designed to unveil pivotal moments in the account journey. Aptly named “Key Moments” ✨, this new filter uncovers those “needle in the haystack” moments during the account journey—such as the first marketing activity, form fill, or sales opportunity—finding these data points has never been easier.

2) 🚦 Account Stages: Understand where each account stands in the buyer’s journey and receive actionable next steps for sales & marketing with our new “Account Stages” dashboard. This new categorization instantly showcases which accounts are out of target, unaware, in-market, marketing engaged, and sales engaged.  Plus, exporting accounts in each stage for activation in platforms like LinkedIn or Bombora is a breeze!

3) 🪄 Account Scenarios: We’ve all heard the common questions marketing & sales teams are asking. “Which accounts had closed won opportunities?” “Which accounts had form fills before sales activity?” “Which form fills were attributed to paid media channels?” “Which accounts have high intent?” The list goes on, but that doesn’t mean answering these questions should be hard. Our solution, “Account Scenario” filtering, is tailored to streamline your account list identification process. Explore lists of accounts based on common search criteria, if we don’t already have the scenario covered we’re equipped to add more based on your feedback!

4) 🤝 HubSpot CRM: No Salesforce, no problem. HubSpot CRM can now be easily integrated to surface Sales Activity, Open and Closed Deals, and 🥁 drumroll 🥁 marketing influence on created and closed won deals! Ditch complex attribution reports—see how ALL your paid, owned, and earned channels are influencing the sales pipeline in a matter of minutes!

Exciting times ahead as we continue to empower you with cutting-edge tools and features to supercharge your marketing strategies. Stay tuned for more updates!