Announcing a $4.5 Million VC Investment to Accelerate Our Connected Data Platform for B2B

I’m extremely excited to announce that Octane11 has raised a $4.5 million venture capital round led by Javelin Venture Partners to help accelerate the expansion of our B2B-Focused Data Platform, and Noah Doyle is joining our Board of Directors. Noah and the Javelin team are ideal partners for us given their deep experience in Big Data, Enterprise Software, SaaS, and Digital Media and their focus on helping businesses accelerate at this stage of growth. 

Javelin is joined by BDMI, Honeystone Ventures, Plug and Play Ventures, Circadian Ventures, and Base Ventures with reinvestment from AperiamVentures (formerly known as MathCapital). The round also included participation from several industry leaders like Erik Matlick (CEO of Bombora), Zain Jaffer (Founder of Vungle and Partner at Blue Field Capital), Eric Roza (former CEO of Datalogix and leader of Oracle’s Data Cloud division), and Amar Goel (Founder and Chairman of PubMatic). I’m super excited about this outstanding group of investors who have joined our mission to unlock the power of B2B data, each bringing a unique value proposition to our business.

For those of you that are new to our story, Octane11 is like Carta for B2B Data. We enrich and structure fragmented operational data, unlocking insights and comparability across internal teams and industry peers. The need for better data solutions has become increasingly acute in recent years as companies have implemented more and more software tools across their organizations, creating a tidal wave of data outputs and triggering an explosion of data costs from warehousing to the personnel needed to make sense of it all. 

The Octane11 platform solves this challenge by mapping fragmented data across a myriad of tools and teams to our proprietary, B2B-specific data model, which not only reduces the cost of managing siloed data by as much as 80%, but also unlocks a range of industry insights, granular benchmarks, and AI-driven recommendations. 

Starting with go-to-market leaders, Octane11 is helping B2B CMO’s, CRO’s and their Agency partners spend less time wrangling fragmented data and more time thinking strategically. After a year of development work in quarantine, we officially launched Octane11 in Q4 2020 and 18 months later, the platform has already been used to analyze over $500 Million in B2B revenue pipeline across 400,000 target accounts – and we’re just getting started. 

What I love most about our platform is that we interoperate with, and enhance, the offerings of a wide range of partners across the ecosystem, including data providers, account-based marketing (“ABM”) platforms, media buying platforms, email providers, social media platforms, chatbots, web analytic tools, identity providers, CDP’s – and the service providers like agencies and systems integrators that support them. Our clients are already working with all of these partners and they look to Octane11 to provide better insight into how they all fit together. Meanwhile our partners, hailing from many of these categories, frequently introduce Octane11 to their clients to showcase how their individual offerings fit into the overall solution stack. Win-win-win!

We’re looking forward to putting this fresh capital to work to accelerate our product roadmap and expand our market presence. In the coming months and quarters, we will announce a range of new B2B-specific integrations, strategic partnerships, self-service set-up tools, and AI-driven insights. To learn more about our integrations roadmap, see

If you’re a B2B business leader, your team is using a ton of disparate tools, and you’re struggling to see how they all fit together, then Octane11 could be an ideal solution for you. Octane11 is easy to set up, provides actionable insights right out of the box, and doesn’t require any additional data specialist headcount. If this sounds like a solution you need, please reach out so we can show you more…

And if you’re obsessed (like we are) with solving the challenges of B2B data – whether you’re a data engineer, software engineer, product manager, client service specialist, marketer or whatever – we invite you to join us on this mission! Check out our open roles at and follow us on LinkedIn.