11 Minutes with Octane11, Ep#2: Putney Cloos (Cision, American Express, Kraft Foods, McKinsey & Company)

In this episode Dan Rosenberg and Stephany Shelton sat down with CMO and B2B innovator Putney Cloos to check in on the state of B2B. They discuss the biggest challenges and successes in B2B marketing Putney has encountered, some common mistakes marketers make, and her search for a tool to evaluate the effectiveness of marketing strategies. 😉

Putney highlights the importance of inter-departmental collaboration, managing siloed data, the human element in B2B marketing, the proper application of intent data from partners like Bombora and other internal and external sources…and the importance of slowing down to learn more effectively.

Check out this clip from the episode — and listen or watch the full episode via these links:

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